Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trip to Jordan

"Listen up Tanner--This is what it is all about."
Tanner gives a thumbs up to the Treasury in Petra

Funny camel.
Tanner is in awe at everything in Petra.
After the big hike this is what we found--the Monestary!
The Emmett family and Tanner.
Tanner and five year old Will have become quite the buddies.
A silouette jump shot--Tanner and the Emmett kids.
Amazing things to see in Petra.
Mom and Brooke in our twin-er shirts.
Roman ruins in Jerash
Tanner met some cute Palestinian girls.
Student shot with Tanner.
Dad, Mom, and Tanner at the Mosque in Amman. (a bit blurry)
Tanner with cute Sister Whipple, one of the service couples. She reminds us of Grandma.
Tanner at the Jordan River where Christ was baptized. What a great trip. (Sorry I got carried away with the pictures)


Jami Jackson said...

Love all the pictures of Tanner! It makes me believe he is actually there!

Kaitlyn said...

man Tanner, you are just liven it up there!

Talai said...

All those pics make me realize what I am missing out on. Tanner, you better be enjoying this or we'll have to have a serious talk!

Dallan said...

Awesome Tanner! I'll see you in about two days!!!!!